SIMILAR project kick-off meeting in Poland

The SIMILAR project has held its project kick-off meeting on January 26th – 27th, 2017, at the project coordinator’s (University of Lodz) facilities in Lodz, Poland. A total of 11 participants attended the workshop, including 4 people from the host organization and 7 people from the remaining four partners of the project.

The consortium presented the aims of the project and the activities that will be conducted during the project’s life cycle and discussed about its status and the tasks ahead. The aim of the meeting was to start a dialogue between the different project stakeholders in which partners gained a deeper knowledge of the peculiarities of each organization / institution, and better understood the project vision and the proposed means to achieve that vision.

Overall, the meeting was an enriching experience that increased the mutual understanding among the consortium, and also highlighted the risks involved due to its heterogeneity.