Due to their varied and complimentary experience and expertise, the following partners have agreed to constitute a consortium to fully contribute into the project. Partnership was selected in a way to assure the highest quality performance. Each partner has an experience which will bring the unique input to the project.

The University of Lodz (ULO) is one of the largest higher education institutions in Poland. Founded in 1945 it currently employs over 2500 teaching staff (of which over 1200 are Ph.D. holders). The number of students is over 42 000. Research and teaching is carried out at 12 Faculties and inter-faculty and inter-disciplinary research institutes, like Faculty of Philology, Faculty of Economics and Sociology, Faculty of Educational Science, International Relations and Political Science, Faculty of Management, Law and Administrations etc.

International Cooperation has been given the utmost priority in the development policy of the University. Under the direct cooperation agreements ULO collaborates with 91 higher education institutions in 26 countries. The University of Lodz is a member of such international organisations as: EUA, Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP), Alliance of Universities for Democracy. It also operates within the network GRUPO COMPOSTELA DE UNIVERSIDADES. ULO has participated in a number of international research programmes including: European Union Framework Programmes, SOCRATES Thematic Network, TEMPUS, INCO-COPERNICUS, ACE, Jean Monnet, CEEPUS, Grundtvig. Altogether, faculty members and researchers have taken part in eleven 5th FPs and twenty one 6th FPs, of which nine are related to broadly understood social sciences and humanities.

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VHS Cham is a registered, non-profit association in Upper Palatinate; it acts on a regional level. The total number of fulltime administrative, teaching and training employees is 52 plus and about 250 freelancers. VHS Cham provides courses in the field of society, vocation, languages, health, culture and special courses (second chance schools). VHS Cham has a long term experience of course development with the specific focus on language (approx .1200 participants yearly, among them more than 700 participants of the German courses, data statistic 2015) and experienced in organising language courses for specific groups: young learners, among them young drop outs, young adults, adults, seniors, migrants, and people from rural areas. One of the largest groups of language learners are migrants/non-native speakers. For this group, VHS Cham organises integration language courses and orientation courses. After the 600 hours of language course participants can complete an official exam B1 level. An important part of those courses is the naturalisation test preparation for migrant learners. During the last year VHS Cham implemented also new German courses for asylum seekers “Working in Germany” supported by the ministry.

The language courses are based on quality management process developed together with Bavarian Adult Education Association and according to the EFQM management system and provided in accordance with rules of integration courses in Germany. Additionally, placement counselling is also available. VHS Cham works in several EU wide Development programmes as Erasmus + and Lifelong Learning Programme or Interreg, therefore, a European-wide network of various partner institutions. As an experienced coordinator and partner institution.

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Ljudska Univerza Velenje is a public non-profit adult education institution providing education and support to various target groups.

LUV takes an active part in regional community by improving the educational structure of the population, by motivating and informing the members of the community and by involving them in the educational programmes.

57 years of tradition, the provision of expert knowledge and quality and friendly attitude towards our participants without doubt contribute to the fact that each school year more than 3.000 participants take part in various educational programmes.

Programmes are intended for adults and youngsters (primary school for adults, programmes for vocational secondary education, professional secondary education, technical-vocational education, professional post-secondary education, language courses and ICT courses for adults and teenagers, training programmes for special labour requirements, study courses, leisure programmes, the national and international projects, etc.)

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Menedék – Hungarian Association for Migrants is involved in promoting the social integration of foreign citizens migrating into Hungary, as well as Hungarian and other citizens emigrating from here for more than twenty years.

In the course of our work we have established a complex system of services, through which we have supported and continue to support thousands of refugees and other foreigners in finding a new home in our country. We have colleagues working in Bicske, Budapest, Fót and Vámosszabadi and in other reception centres.

We organise and run training courses for professionals who deal with immigrants in the course of their work (social workers, teachers, police officers or armed security guards working in immigration detention centres).

Besides the support of immigrants and professionals, it is very important for us to make the majority society more open toward and accepting of foreigners arriving in our country, as this is an indispensible condition for the successful integration of migrants. In order to achieve this, we try to build a bridge between the host society and immigrants by realising various educational programmes in schools and cultural projects.

We pursue our objectives as a not-for-profit association independent from politics. We are not involved in direct political activities and do not receive funds or give financial support to political parties. Our work is supported by many volunteers.

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CARDET is one of the leading research and development center in the Mediterranean region with global expertise in project design and implementation, capacity building, and e-learning. CARDET is independently affiliated with universities and institutions from around the world, such as the Yale University and the International Council of Educational Media. CARDET has completed numerous projects related to inclusive education, social justice and integration, social entrepreneurship, educational technology, skills and gaps assessments in educational institutions, civic engagement, and development of organizational and technological solutions. CARDET team have successfully participated in more than 150 projects in more than 45 countries, several of which were supported by the European Commission, the United Nations Development Program, Microsoft, The Commonwealth of Learning, international agencies and governments.

CARDET is one of the premier social justice oriented organizations in Cyprus with extensive experience developing and implementing programs focusing on migrants and integration. We are the founders of the Mediterranean Migration Network, which is funded by EU Solidarity funds, with more than 150 organizations as members from EU and the world. CARDET is also the Cyprus Focal Point of the European Website on Integration and the Cyprus partner for Migrant Integration Policy Index Project (MIPEX). Moreover CARDET completed more than 12 projects on issues related to migration and integration, under the Solidarity Funds and other funds with particular focus on social entrepreneurship and access to the labor market, such as the “Lighthouse Supporting Lifelong Learning And Career Paths For Migrants (Lighthouse).

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